Must Watch: Apple’s iPad commercial showcases a travel writer’s life, and it is truly magnificent

Cherie King Travel Blogger

Alright, so I know Apple is trying to sell us iPads with this commercial. That’s fair enough. But I’ve watched this over and over again and I am more floored by the amazing life of Cherie King, the star of the video, than anything else. Cherie King is in fact a travel blogger. She’s not just any travel blogger. She’s a journalist that travels the world and takes in the beauty of our planet with only four senses. Cherie King is deaf. Yet, this has not stopped her for one moment in her travels and ambitions. She has been to nearly ever corner of this earth and has captured amazing moments with her camera and her ability to craft a story in a most inviting way. And as you see in the Apple commercial below, the Apple iPad has helped her significantly along the way.

So, for those of you taken with the commercial, I thought it only right to tell you where you could learn more. Follow Cherie King’s blog – Flight of The Travel Bee – as she continues to travel the world and share her adventures. 


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