Kate Moss to share a Vogue cover with sister Lottie?

Lottie and Kate Moss

Aw fashion, it’s definitely a place where nepotism is alive and well. Take this latest news, for example (although this has more to do with the lucky gene lottery). Kate Moss has set a record for how many covers of British Vogue she has graced over the years, and now there’s talk of another in our future, involving her sister.

The Telegraph is reporting that there is a British Vogue cover in the works that will feature Kate Moss and Lottie Moss side by side. This would be the first time two siblings have ever shared a cover together for the magazine. Yes, this would be a first of monumental proportions.

It does seem as if Lottie Moss is matching sister Kate’s career moves step for step. Just recently, Lottie was featured in the Calvin Klein revival campaign that her sister starred in so many years ago. But the question is, will she next do runway? Well, fashion week is just around the corner. Keep your eyes peeled as we’re guessing her debut would be in London. 


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