Karlie Kloss shares a tutu flashback

Karlie Kloss child

Karlie Kloss took to instagam today to wish her big sister the happiest of birthdays. In doing so, she also shared a flashback that’s just downright adorable and perfectly timed. It’s a tutu moment where little and big sister share a frame as ballerinas. Karlie already seemed the supreme fashionista, sporting a ballerina costume that will give a mirror ball a run for its money. 

If you already follow Karlie Kloss on instagram you’ll know that this week she’s been sharing quite a lot of ballerina pictures. Seems Miss Kloss is working on a special project at the The Historic Los Angeles Theatre, where Kloss is all geared up as a lead ballerina {see below}. Of course Karlie does have a strong history with ballet, which explains why she always looks so dang elegant in every picture under the sun. 

Karlie Kloss Ballerina


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