Jessica Alba is now a billion dollar businesswoman

Jessica Alba The Honest Company

Jessica Alba is more than just a spokesmodel for beauty and fashion brands. She’s more than just a leading actress. She’s more than just a mother and loving wife. Wait, she’s more than all that? I’m already tired just reading the list. But the list continues and it finishes with Jessica Alba’s most successful venture to date. Alba’s company, The Honest Company, has just been valued at nearly $1 billion, reports the Wall Street Journal. Yeah, you read that correctly – a billion. 

For those of you unfamiliar with the brand, it will probably be because you haven’t had the pleasure of birthing a child just yet. The Honest Company was launched just two years ago, selling non-toxic diapers and natural baby products. Because of it’s easy to use subscription service, where everything a mother needs from food to diapers is delivered monthly to their front door, the company is set to make more than $150 million in revenue this year. It also has a support network online for new families and wins over parents with a guarantee that their products are all safer and better for your children. In short, it’s a great idea I wish I had thought of myself. Damn it. 

Well, Alba, hats off to you and your cool billion dollar company. We hear you’re entering into beauty next. Honest beauty… now THAT would be a concept. 

In case you’re still confused about how this company could be worth $1 billion… this mom says it all.


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