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Cath Kidston Emily Johnston

Cath Kidston

Cath Kidston Emily Johnston

When I first moved to London 12 years ago I feel like I had relocated at the height of Cath Kidston mania. Everyone around me either had a bag in hand or an accessory at home supporting the brand. It was immediately marked as “cult” for the fashion crew in London and I wanted in. Fast forward 12 years later and I’m sitting in Maine, vacationing with my family and looking down at one of the latest prints from the brand, ironically featuring clocks, and wondering where all the time has gone. 

While the look of the items may have changed over the years, the heart of Cath Kidston remains the same. This is a company that supplies a beautiful product that will last you a lifetime, and their latest push for totes explores this idea perfectly. Above, you’ll see I’m clutching onto the large Cath Kidston Clocks Tote {£75}. I’m clutching so tight as I’m nervous one of the women in the beach house is going to walk off with this beauty. They’ve been eyeing it up like hawks, my mother and my aunts. 

Cath Kidston asked me to share whether or not I was a lover of big or small totes, and wondered what I’d put in either. Well, I’m an “everything but the kitchen sink” sort of girl when it comes to bags. So I had to laugh when asked if I’d go big or small. I always go big, or just go home, right? 

Inside I carry my life, from a Dreams and Schemes notebook to write down all my ridiculous ideas as they come to me, to a spiffy accessory I always like to have “just in case.”  Even with all my “stuff” involved, this tote was still begging to be filled with more. So my task this week is to do just that – fill the Cath Kidston tote as it deserves to be filled. Right, off to shop!

FFG worked in collaboration with Cath Kidston.


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