Hard to find fashion: Size 11 & 12 Women’s Shoes (9UK)

100 shoes

Over the past couple of months, I’ve noticed a lot more women online talking about buying shoes for larger sizes. While most retailers are becoming better at buying in sizes as high as 13, it still feels like the great treasure hunt if you are looking for suitable footwear in anything over a size 10. So I took it upon myself to put together a list of women’s shoes in sizes 11 and 12, for all of you looking for styles that would work for late summer and pre-fall. I’m not going to lie. This took me forever. To find 100 styles, that were worth recommending, it required an unprecedented amount of time. In fact, it’s the longest it’s ever taken me for a piece of FFG. So here’s hoping a lot of you ladies are faced with the same challenge I have – where to find stylish shoes in a size 11 or 12? 

To make it all super easy for you to shop and browse, I actually created a Pinterest page for the 100 shoes in size 11 and 12 (9UK). The page is full of options for every heel height, style and budget. Hope this helps in the long run. Oh and make sure to follow FFG on Pinterest while you’re at it as we’re adding new fashion dilemma solutions every day moving forward. 

{Pinterest Page: Shop 100 shoes in size 11 0r 12}


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