Fruit painted wedges! Yes, please… and they are DIY!

DIY Fruit wedges

If you are not already following P.S. I Made This, you need to add this blog to your list of things to read ASAP. Written by Erica Domesek, this site will blow your mind. That isn’t an exaggeration. Your brain will go into overload looking at all the different projects you are going to want to start. A perfect example is today’s DIY featuring fruit wedges. These wedge sandals, after they’ve received their custom paint job, look as if they belong on a shelf in Selfridges or Barneys. Alas, they are a product of your own patience when it comes to creating beautiful pieces. My personal favorite comes in the form of a watermelon sandal. Trust me, you will not want to miss this. {Image: Instagram}


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