Flashback Fitness: Take the Squat Challenge!

Blogilates Squat Challenge

If you guys have not heard of Blogilates, you need to get onto this fitness addiction (and app) ASAP. I’ll start by introducing you to my favourite video, that I reference a lot while traveling. Blogilates has a five minute squat challenge that is set to the music of Call Me Maybe. Seems like ages ago that was a hit, right? Well, it will all come flooding back to you as you feel your legs start to shake half way through this routine. 

They don’t call this a challenge for nothing. Try shutting your office door for five minutes and squat before lunch. Oh wait, that sounds almost wrong. Just give it a go. I’ve been so pleased with how far I’ve come working with a few of these targeted videos, but this one is definitely my favourite.

I can’t take any credit for this discovery. I must give full props to Mademoiselle Robot as she introduced me to Blogilates sometime ago and I’ve been addicted ever since. 


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