FFG has fun with Honeybuns: Princess Leia, Calendar Girls and more

emily johnston

There’s a place in Wells, Maine called Congdon’s Doughnuts and it is THE breakfast place. Doughnuts and breakfast are served from 6am-3pm, but the favorites sell out immediately. You either rise with the sun and make the run to Congdon’s or you miss out on a doughnut selection that will change your life. That’s not an exaggeration, people. These doughnuts are epic.

Once the house was full with family, I decided I’d be the early bird that got the worm. I set my alarm for 6am and jumped in the car to make the three mile drive to doughnut heaven. Two dozen doughnuts, 24 doughnut holes and two large honey buns later, we were all operating on quite the sugar high. Naturally, when you are with a house full of family and you’re all jolly and full of food, crazy plans are hatched. So someone had the idea to take pictures of me modeling the various ways in which large honeybuns could be translated.  The moment was too hilarious not to share. And yes, I did tuck right into one of the honeybuns. Let’s just say I didn’t manage to even make a dent. So good but SOOO huge. 

Hope this gives you a good chuckle to start the week! 

{In case you are wondering, I’m wearing a J Crew Factory Sweatshirt}

Emily Johnston

A Moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips

Emily Johnston

Pictures taken with the Olympus Pen. FFG is an ambassador for Olympus in the UK.


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