Champagne, please, and can I have it served in Kate Moss’s breast?

Kate Moss breast champagne

So if history is to be believed, the very first champagne glass created looked nothing like the version we sip from today. In fact, the first champagne glass was rumored to be molded from the left breast of Marie Antoinette. Just a bit of interesting trivia there for you, but it does have relevance to this story so stick with me. 

Looks like history is repeating itself, in a  matter of speaking. To celebrate Kate Moss’s 40th birthday, London restaurant Mayfair 34 has created a champagne glass molded from Kate Moss’s left breast. Yowsers. Crafted by artist Jane McFadden, the glass is heavily influenced by Art Deco engravings, and ummmm Kate Moss’s rack, obviously.

If you’re hoping to wrap your lips around this glass (god, even that sounds wrong), you’ll have to wait until October. Mossy will host a part at 34 Mayfair to kick off the new construction. The glass will then be available to drink from at The Club at The Ivy, Daphne’s and Scott’s. No word yet on whether or not the glass will go global. We’ll keep you in the loop. {Via Independent}


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