Another print magazine goes under and, yes, I’m more than a little upset

company magazine closes

Sad news, today, folks. Company Magazine will be printing their last issue come October. It was announced on Company’s website today that the print side of the magazine will close, while the digital side will remain. 

Long gone are the days, I hope, of people rejoicing when print titles shutter. In my office I seem to be starting somewhat a shrine to the days where print ruled the land of fashion. Piles and piles of magazines sit next to my desk and are often thumbed through on days where I find inspiration lacking. Odd, you might think, as I’m a blogger who’s supposed to be encouraging the world and beyond to jump online and read me instead of the dreaded glossies selling only advertisements. The thing is, I never looked at them like that, ever. 

Glossy magazines have always been my escape. It all started with my first subscription to Seventeen when I was twelve. I was already shooting above my pay grade and reading material meant for teenagers. However, I didn’t read the articles in the beginning. Instead, I flipped straight back to the fashion files. And when the September issue arrived, somehow I thought I was being given the best look possible at what I should be wearing to start school that year. Some larger than life editor was instructing me on what’s what in the world of fashion and I sucked up every picture like crack. 

The obsession started there and continues today. I subscribe to more magazines than one thought humanly possible. I actually mark calendar days when I can spend hours flipping through the pages of everything from Vogue to Red Magazine. I do, what I think, is my part to keep magazines alive. Because, quite frankly, I can’t imagine a day without magazines. I can’t imagine going to an airport in a foreign country and not stocking up on new titles for the flight back to London. I don’t want to imagine the day when Bruce Weber is no longer photographing Gisele Bundchen in a shoot that is styled by Grace Coddington, with a budget that’s more than most people make in a year. These people are movie makers. They create drama on the page and that drama inspires us all.

Company magazine, I am sorry you have to leave us. One look at Twitter today and the world can see how powerful your impact has been. We’ll continue to follow you on social and on the site. Perhaps we’ll all live to see a day when you return. For 36 years you helped to create a lot of dreams for a lot of girls. This may be your last magazine, but the past issues will live on forever.


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