Anna Wintour did the Ice Bucket Challenge

Anna Wintour Ice Bucket Challenge

This truly is breaking news, people. Who is the one person in the fashion world you’d never imagine doing the ice bucket challenge? Well, I can’t predict exactly who you were thinking of, but I definitely had Anna Wintour in mind. Never in a million years would I have pictured Anna Wintour messing with that perfect springy bob. Yet here she is, taking the water like a champ.

Anna’s daughter, Bee Shaffer, shared the special charity moment on instagram a few hours ago. In the video we see Anna surrounded by a group of young people all holding red buckets, presumably filled with ice water. Heck, she even has a dog in the picture. You’d think this was some sort of shoot for Vogue, not just a social challenge. Wintour wears what appears to be a Prada dress and dons her classic super shades as she challenges Roger Federer to step up to the plate and take the ice bucket challenge within 24 hours.

Anna Wintour, you never cease to amaze us all. 


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