A hair clip that’s a screwdriver, wrench, ruler and clipper

Hair Clip Screwdriver

If you’re the type of woman that likes to be prepared for absolutely everything, we have just the hair clip for you. Well, it’s just the hair clip up until TSA decide it’s unsafe to carry on board because it has a serated edge. Yes, it’s only a matter of time. I digress…

Leatherdos have released a hair clip that not only keeps your hair out of your face, it’s practically a swiss army knife do-it-all gadget. The hair clip can act as a screwdriver, a ruler, a wrench and a cutter. No joke, people, this is happening. 

The hair clips carry a price tag of $9.99 and have already sold out. Apparently there are more coming in for October, so delay any activity requiring such a cool invention until that date. Happy hair clipping.

{via Adweek}


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