Would you like Lions, Tigers and Bears to customise your denim?

When you think distressed denim, do you ever take time to think about how the denim gets distressed before the hole finds its way to your knee? I’m guessing you’ve imagined a factory somewhere where workers produce machine distressed garments, right? Well here’s a new form of denim distress that no one could have predicted for our future: using zoo animals

The images you see above are taken from the promotional video for Zoo Jeans, a company established to help raise funds for the Kamine Zoo in Hitachi City. Denim is wrapped around common play toys for the animals in the zoo, such as tires and giant rubber balls, and put into the holding areas for the animals to rip apart at their leisure. 

Currently there are three pairs of jeans that are up for grabs from the collection. They are being sold at auction this week and each pair is named after the animal that contributed to the distressing process. There’s no word on how animal rights groups feel about this activity but we’re sure they’ll have something to add to the conversation, as they always do. 

My humble opinion: My dogs love a good play toy. It stimulates the brain and promotes good physical activity. While it’s sad that these animals are kept in captivity, at this point they can’t be returned to the wild so why not give them the best life possible at the zoo? These funds raised will help to create a better life for the animals in need. As far as I can see, it’s a win-win. 


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