Which model has booked the most campaigns in 2014?

Gisele Bundchen top model

Ever find yourself pawing through a magazine and thinking, “is there any other model being used out there besides Gisele?” Yeah, the woman is everywhere and now People magazine have done the research to show us that we’re not all going crazy. Gisele is in fact everywhere. We’re only half way through the year and the lady has already scored 16 major fashion campaigns. That might explain why every other page turn in Vogue is a Gisele Bundchen feature. 

Other models who ranked up there include Kate Moss, Karlie Kloss and Cara Delevingne. Truly there are no surprises here. Well wait, there is one surprise. Karl Lagerfeld’s kitty Choupette made the list, with a first ever campaign coming out this year. Now all’s right in the fashion world.


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