Where to stay in Mykonos: Myconian Villa Collection

Last weekend Mr. FFG and I found ourselves flying off to Mykonos for the most beautiful wedding. I had absolutely zero involvement for planning this little getaway so have to give credit to Mr. FFG for arranging such a lush little getaway. The wedding was held at the Myconian Villa Collection, where we also stayed ourselves. I can’t recommend highly enough staying in the same hotel where a wedding is being held. Being able to go back to the room to change from heels to sandals, or from dress to bathing suit (hey, why not a late night swim?), is absolutely heaven. 

The hotel itself was so stunning I couldn’t not share with you all some pictures of the resort. Our suite came complete with a dining room, kitchen, pool, king size plush bed and a massive soaking tub. Basically a recipe for success, if you ask me.

Here’s a look at the Myconian Villa Collection in Mykonos. Can’t recommend highly enough should you be headed to Mykonos anytime soon. It will truly take your breath away. 


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