The Secondhand Handbag Hunt has officially begun

posted on: Tuesday, 1 July 2014

It feels like ages since I’ve last written about one of my favourite designer resellers- Fashion Bloodhound. But last week I had an email from the Director, Grazziella, and she was asking if I’d help spread the word about a massive waiting list they have that’s growing by the day. Apparently Fashion Bloodhound clients have a very hefty appetite for designer bags. There are over 1,000 eager beavers waiting to get their hands on pre-owned pieces from designers such as Chanel, Mulberry, Celine, Balenciaga and more.

So, this is an official announcement of a national “handbag hunt.” If you do have a designer bag collecting dust in your closet why not consider giving it a brand new home? I like to think of Fashion Bloodhound as the adoption hub of designer bags that were long ago forgotten by their current parents. Allow another to give your old treasure a new lease on life.

The whole process of selling with Fashion Bloodhound couldn’t be more easy. They have free UK collections and they are absolutely 100% transparent about their selling procedures. No hidden costs or percentages. So, pass that Chanel on to Fashion Bloodhound for a proper rehoming. Don’t all bags deserve a second life? Just email the ladies over at FBH and quote FFG and it's all good as gold.