The only summer beauty tip you need

Here’s my big summer beauty tip: leave the mascara at home and invest in Semi-Permanent lashes. Truly, my life was changed the moment I figured out I could have full lashes without coming out of any body of water looking like I had been dragged through a bush. You know what I’m talking about -the horrible streaks of mascara that cascade down your cheeks after a casual dip in the ocean. No matter how waterproof mascara brands claim to be, they’re never waterproof enough.

Last year I had my first semi-permanent eyelash extensions. While they were fantastic looking, they were tough to wear. I remember walking out of the salon feeling like I had received new eyeballs. It just felt strange. I wasn’t sure I’d go in for it again, but I did absolutely love not having to put on, or take off, mascara for a month. Then a friend recommended I see her lady at Neville’s in London. As I’ve previously mentioned, this is a summer full of travel and lots of large bodies of water calling my name, so in the name of research and a makeup-free face, I went in for eyelash extensions once again.

And here’s my big secret – Claire Linnette of Eyelush. This woman is a miracle worker. She used these new lashes on me that make me feel as if I am wearing nothing at all new. It’s like a normal mascara would feel, I suppose is the best way to describe this whole situation I have going on here. I told her to go big as I wanted a noticeable difference. She knew how far to take it without making me look like a drag queen (Ru Paul, mad respect). And let me just tell you how good Miss Linnette is. I slept through the entire process. I took a 90 minute nap and when I woke up I had lashes that were the most beautiful I’ve ever seen on this face. 

Now, just a bit of an update one week after the fact. I’ve swum in two oceans, dove into numerous pools, been attacked and kissed by two golden retrievers, sat in a sauna, a steam room and been on two long haul flights and my eyelashes are just as perfect as the day I walked out of the salon.

I’m also writing this while fighting the most horribly flu in existence. Thankfully I’m home for the fourth of July and have a golden retriever to cuddle with. However, it should be noted that even my own mother has said that it’s hard to feel sorry for me in my time of sickness as I look so glamourous with these fully made up eyelashes. So that’s the downside here, folks. Apparently you never look anything other than super glam with Eyelush in your corner. Really, how is that a bad thing?


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