Style Snapshot: A little Marks & Spencer dress and a VERY big Coach leather bag

posted on: Wednesday, 2 July 2014

I wish I had bothered to do a little research on the beautiful Greek island of Mykonos before touching down there last weekend. For example, it would have been good to know that the island itself is named for how windy it is. How windy, you ask? Well, so windy that I lost a hat and sunglasses. Yes, that windy. Also so windy that cute little sundresses end up wrapping themselves like scarves around your neck as you walk through the hills. What a lovely look that was. Here I stepped out wearing one of my favourite new finds from Marks & Spencer and it ended up wearing me instead. Nonetheless, I did manage to get one shot in which I look somewhat put together. The hair is flat, the dress is down around my thighs where it belongs and I’m not battling the sea air for a place in this world. What a lucky picture this was.

In the crook of my arm, I am carrying a beautiful oversized weekend bag from Coach, which I was petrified to do. Have you ever thought about the idea of carrying a white bag anywhere? If you’re a Londoner, the idea strikes fear deep into your heart. The tube can take any white article of clothing or accessory and claim it as grey just by looking at it. I’ve learned this the hard way. So yes, a white bag is scary. But, in this case, I was guaranteed that the bag in question would hold up against the elements. Regardless of what I was told, I was still sceptical. I put the bag down at check-in to the airport only to find I had put it down in a mud splash. That, I thought, was the end. Then with a simple wipe of my dark sweater (yes, I sacrifice fast fashion to save my Coach family members) the dark marks were gone. So maybe this white bag stuff isn’t all as bad as it’s cracked up to be. After 72 hours of the bag taking through some rather rough environments (including a rather unglamourous Easyjet moment) it survived looking as fresh and white as the day it was placed into these arms for the first time. Well done, Coach, for creating the first ever luxurious white bag that seems to have special stain repellent powers.

As I can’t be fishing around for my passport in a bag that’s almost as big as me, you’ll also see I had my trusty Anya Hindmarch Cross Body bag by my side. Oh yes, this soul sister has swung from my shoulder for nearly three years now – another classic I’ll never stop loving or talking about!