Skincare One Month Trial Test: QMS Medicosmetics

QMS Medicosmetics

My skin has once again become a testing ground for new products. Hey, I’m 34 now and I can use all the help I can get. Time keeps on clicking by and sadly my skin has officially decided to stop acting like its stuck in a 20-years-of-age time warp. Well, at least it would be without the help of products. Yes, products are the modern day fountain of youth and you guys know I’m always on the hunt to bring you new ideas for ways in which to keep your skin looking its best.

For the month of July, I’ve been using QMS Medicosmetics. I’ve been into their spa before and absolutely adored the experience. In fact, if you want a flashback to that moment, you can read about the experience that I shared with my mother at the QMS Spa. It was heavenly. Thinking that the spa worked wonders, you would think that the products would do the same… and you wouldn’t be wrong.

I’ve been using what is practically the whole system and I’ve been very happy with the results. Mainly, I’ve managed to stop time and reverse it a little bit.

So here’s my routine:

1. Cleanse with the Deep Cleanser {£36}. This is a pretty friendly cleanser. It’s not at all harsh or irritable for the skin and takes off makeup like a pro!

2. If you did happen to miss any dirt or grim at all, the Freshening Tonic {£36} takes care of the rest. This guy takes out what I like to call the invisible dirt. You’re face is primed and ready for some fixer uppers.

3. My ultimate fixer uppers comes in two parts. First there’s the collagen set {£215}, which comes with a bottle of collagen for both the morning and the evening. This really helped in keeping my skin smooth and soft, like a baby’s bottom. Then there’s the eye cream {£103} – my biggest skin First Aid. I’ll just say this. I haven’t worn under eye concealer since using this combination of collagen and eye cream. That’s a pretty glowing, quite literally, endorsement for the pair, if you ask me. 

4. Depending on whether I’m headed to the beach or just taking a day of meetings in the city, determines my final step.  For city days I’ll finish the skincare regime with Liquide Proteins {£110}, which helps prepare skin to ward off all toxins during the day. For beach days I now swear by Cellular Sun Protection SPF50 {£67}.

5. Finally, the very last step involving QMS Medicosmetics products is my makeup step. I’ve now completely given up any coverup or foundation and I only use QMS’ Sport Active Cream {£66}. This is a slightly tinted day cream that contains an SPF. It glides on effortlessly and lasts until you start the cleansing process all over again at night.

In short, I loved wearing all the products this month. I felt the whole process of using the products was simple, straight forward and effective. I wasn’t slaving over my routine forever and I felt it was entirely manageable. In the end, I can’t tell if I took years off but I can definitely tell you my skin feels happier having had so much TLC over the past month.

If I could take only one product away from this trial and keep in my regime forever, I’d definitely reach for the Sport Active Cream. This little beauty is perfection in place of any sort of coverup. Skin is flawless and positively glowing after application. Absolute winner, hands down. 

FFG was gifted the aforementioned products from QMS Medicosmetics. 


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