Kim Basigner’s the comeback kid for Flaunt Magazine cover

Kim Basinger Fault Magazine

Is it just me or does it feel like ages since we’ve seen the beauty that is Kim Basinger? I feel like we’ve seen a lot more of her daughter, Ireland Baldwin, than anyone else in that family. Actually, Kim Basinger addressed some concern about Ireland and social media with the accompanying article for this stunning Flaunt magazine cover. Seems Kim isn’t the biggest fan of the way in which social media is affecting the youth of the world, yet she loves it herself. When asked about her feelings on social media, she had this to say:

“How long do we have? Oh, dangerous. Robbing and dangerous. Although I’m infatuated and in love with the information – I’m an information junkie, so I love it. I trull love it, but I thin we’re teetering on danger. Especially with young kids and teenagers and the way they communicate now and not having to go face-to-face. I just think there are quite a few negative things about it. It’s just troubling. It’s troubling, especially since I do have a teenager – I know what I’m talking about. But we’ll see where it goes.”

Hey, we can’t argue. Tweeting seems preferable to speaking these days. 


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