Joan Rivers loses her sh*t on CNN

Fashion Police host and comedian Joan Rivers walked out on her CNN television interview over the weekend. Seems things got a little heated as Rivers was questioned by CNN reporter Fredericka Whitfield.

Joan Rivers is known around the world as being totally upfront with her opinions of people and what they wear. And let’s be honest, she doesn’t stop with what they wear when she calls people out on Fashion Police. The majority of comments that come from Rivers’ mouth hit way below the belt. But hey, we shouldn’t talk about that on television when she’s trying to promote a book, right? Fredericka did and she was left with no one to question as Rivers flew off the deep end and accused CNN of conducting a negative interview. Correct us if we’re wrong Rivers, but isn’t your whole career based on being negative towards people? If you can’t take the heat, don’t dish it out yourself. 


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