How to get the most likes on instagram this summer? Top ten pictures to share….

How to get more likes on instagram

1. Ice Cream Cones. Oh yeah, people, it’s all about the ice cream. If you haven’t taken a picture of yourself with at least two scoops in a waffle cone this year, you are just so uncool it’s unbelievable.

2. If you’re traveling, you simply must share a picture of your passport cover. Even if we have seen it fifty times before, make sure to share it again. Perhaps putting it at a different angle will make it magically different. Or better yet, position it with some flowers. Are they coming with you on holiday as well? 

3. Macarons. Honestly, these little sweet gems will get you likes any time of the year, not just summer. If you hold them in front of a Dior store or next to some white roses you’ll get extra likes. It’s all about atmosphere, people. 

4. Shoefies! Who doesn’t love your gorgeous shoes? Whether you are rocking H&M or Christian Louboutin, we all know the best view of your footwear on instagram is from above. So strap on those heels for a millisecond so you can tell the world you’re stepping out in fierce heels. Then make sure to take them off so you don’t break a leg in the process. That is of course unless you are doing the next “most likes on instagram suggestion”….

5. Jumping. Throw on some loud and proud print and go jumping. Just make sure you have a good cameraman who can catch you in the act. You want your perfectly curled hair flowing, your skirt billowing in the wind and your arms stretched out in absolute delight. Watch as the “likes” come flooding in. 

6. Hands. In case you haven’t noticed yet, it is all about the hands on instagram. You need delicate hands. If you’re rocking pig hooves (sorry sweet little Charlotte’s Web piggies), you best get a hand model to stand in for you. Pretend your fingers are ballerinas as you caress a flower petal, a cupcake or a pen with paper (let’s be honest… are you really writing on that paper for any other reason than to instagram? – yeah, now you’ve got the gist of instagram… staging!)

7. Hotdogs or legs? Are you visiting a tropical destination and find yourself sitting on the beach or by an absolutely gorgeous pool? Get those tanned legs out and make sure you hashtag it to hell. We all want to play the guessing game of whether you used actual hot dogs or legs for that shot (does anyone actually do that?)

8. Baked goods and breakfast. “Even if you aren’t going to eat it, tweet it.” That was the motto back when twitter was leading the pack, now instagram’s stepped in to take things up a notch. Cupcakes, cakes, pancakes (ok anything with the word cake in it), waffles, muffins, doughnuts and more are all welcome in the land of instagram.

9. Flowers and Plants. Everywhere you go look for flowers, in houses, stores, windows or flower shops. Shoot these until your thumb wants to fall off from so much clicking. Flowers are like gold dust for likes. Everyone’s a sucker for a beautiful rose. Although these days peonies are quickly becoming the leader in the floral instagram fashion world.

10. Finally, the selfie. You didn’t actually take this at all. It was taken by a professional photographer friend and sent to you after being edited for three hours and taken to a new level of “selfie perfection.” Oh yeah, these are winners. Brands will regram, people will share as style inspiration and the likes will be flooding in so fast you’ll start to think you’re Lady Gaga.

Note: All of this is of course written very tongue-in-cheek. But you know what, I’ve shared every single type of picture listed above and they’ve all had a response that is absolutely ridiculous… as in hundreds of likes. So I guess the irony here is that it really is a recipe for success. I wonder what would happen if someone was original on Instagram? 

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(All pictures above taken from instagram)


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