Finally a facial that completely transformed my skin

Erno Laszlo institute

Erno Laszlo institute

Last time I was in New York, I popped in for a mere 24 hours. While the event was well worth the 15 hours of roundtrip flying, I have to be honest and say I’m not getting any younger so quick trips like that take their toll. As luck would have it, I had a bit of a great resource for information in NYC who hooked me up with an appointment at Erno Laszlo’s THE INSTITUTE

For those of you not familiar with THE INSTITUTE, let me just tell you that this place was like the holy grail of skincare. I say “was,” because, after 40 years, it has only just re-opened. In it’s heyday this skincare haven was looking after both Hollywood elite as well as several members of the Royal Family. While most names were under lock in key, as well as all the secrets used to give them perfect skin, some were public knowledge. Just to namedrop here,  Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly and Jackie Kennedy all relied on Dr. Erno Laszlo to maintain a glowing complexion

While there are plenty of Erno Laszlo skincare secrets that remain, we are of course in a new day when it comes to skincare technology. THE INSTITUTE has definitely done their research and their facilities are top notch. In fact, in my five years of reviewing facials, I do not think I have ever, first of all, had more techniques performed on my skin in one sitting, and secondly, seen such a dramatic change. 

Every single face is different, we all have our different problems and we all go about treating them at different levels of care. However, my one complaint has always been a bumpy complexion. I’ve never really had acne or any bad skin condition, apart from Rosacea. But, bumps have been my main problem. No one ever told me how to get rid of them or treat them. I was always just told that this facial or that facial would solve the problem. This is where things get interesting.

I sat down with THE INSTITUTE facialist who would be working with me that day and discussed, what felt like was, every inch of my skincare history. Finally she asked me what my biggest complaint was and I told her, “The bumps, help me out of this bumpy situation. I feel like I have strawberry face.” She laughed and told me she had just the cure that would transform my skin. I sort of rolled my eyes and thought, “yeah, right, here will be another failed attempt to fix my one complaint.”

We went downstairs into the luxurious treatment rooms and I laid on the heated bed with a blanket covering my robed self. Let’s keep in mind here that I had just come off a seven hour flight and felt bloated and disgusting. Not the best frame of mind for a luxury facial. After ten minutes I was fading in and out of sleep. Embarassingly I even woke myself up with a slight snore. What must these people think of me? Mortifying! Through each step, my lovely facialist talked me through what she doing. Trust me when I say this woman worked hard. The treatment felt endless and I loved that, loved every minute of it. Then came the issue of the bumps. THE INSTITUTE facialist approached my face with a contraption created to perform microdermabrasion. She said this was the answer to banishing the bumps and suggested I have two course to see a 95% reduction in bumpage. Hallelujah! It was completely painless and she even did the same to my elbows, neck and hands as she explained these are the first places we see age. God, how I love a woman that’s looking after me to make sure I still look 30 when I’m 80. Someone please tell me that’s possible to do without plastic surgery.

The end result? I lifted myself off the bed, made my way into the changing room and looked in that mirror to see a face with skin that did not look like my own. I kid you not, people, this was a complete transformation with one sitting. How often can you say that with a facial? I have never said that, so this was big for me.

Now here’s the skinny on how to get yourself in here. It isn’t easy and it isn’t cheap, but the good things in life rarely are. So often these days the ridiculous things are expensive, but let me tell you that this is neither ridiculous nor something to be ignored. These folks at Erno Laszlo’s THE INSTITUTE are magic makers. If you want in at THE INSTITUTE, you’ll need to purchase a membership. You can choose three courses of action:

·      12 months (annual) membership: $3000 with a minimum of 15 treatments

·      3 months (trial) membership: $1000 with a minimum of 4 treatments

·      75 minute bespoke facial: $245

Obviously going for the full year is the best course of action here, and the most cost efficient. But if you can’t afford it or don’t think it’s worth it, just go in for the 75 minute bespoke facial and I would be willing to bet anything that you change your tune.  I walked away with a few samples of products as well that I’ll be trying, that are suggested to keep your skin in tip-top condition between treatments. Oh, and I must mention the super serums. Can’t believe I almost left those out of the story.  The serums they are using at this place are so full of high concentrations of active ingredients that they have to be refrigerated. These bad boys are the fountain of youth, I’m pretty certain of it. I was given a few drops to take home with me to use that night before I went to sleep. The little vial was wrapped in ice packets to keep until I was able to get back to the hotel and place it in the fridge there. I now wonder if the air stewardess would have looked at me as if I were mad if I had decided to bring the vial on the plane and requested it be refrigerated until landing. Yeah, probably. 

End result here folks is this. Erno Laszlo’s THE INSTITUTE helped to move me towards fixing the only skincare problem I’ve ever really hated. After speaking to friends in NYC who have also visited, I am completely confident in saying there isn’t much that these folks can’t turn around. And I’ll leave you there… to ponder a walk in to a facial that will have you hooked. You’ve been warned. 

Contact info:
382 West Broadway, New York, NY 10012
(212) 300 4111

FFG received a complimentary treatment from THE INSTITUTE.


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