Elle Macpherson’s twitter bikini picture will have you buying her Super Elixir immediately

Elle Macpherson bikini

Elle Macpherson, you are truly an anomaly. How on earth do you do this? Elle is now 50 years of age and she has a body that puts most twenty-somethings to shame. Her latest twitter share shows the model, aka “The Body,” standing on a yacht while sipping on her newly released Super Elixir, and what we see starring back at us is just enviable. 

Over the past few months, the model has been working hard to promote the launch of her latest green drink that people the world over are going crazy for. Honestly, how can you blame them? Elle Macpherson claims this special blend of magic has given her the body she has today. I’m thinking about buying it in bulk. Do you think I’ll look like her by next summer if I drink it religiously for a year? 

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