Are you the next big style blogger? I want to hear from you…

Alright, ladies and gent bloggers of the universe, this one’s a special one for you. Over the past few months you will have seen that I’ve been featuring fashion blogs scattered here and there on the site. Most of these beautiful people that have been featured are people I know, love and respect in this industry. I now want to reach out and find some fresh new talent to feature. So here’s the score….

If you are a fashion blogger, a true style obsessive, I want you to let me know you exist. Over the next year I’ll be looking to do a regular weekly feature on new and upcoming fashion blogs that present irresistible style.

Don’t be intimidated by the fashion bloggers that work with professional photographers to get their images. Sure, they all make for some clean and fresh looking pics, but everyone realizes that we all have to make a start somewhere. So even if you’re just shooting your looks with a mobile phone, I want to know you’re out there.

Readers, if you know a blogger that’s making a fresh start and you have some serious love for their style, share their link below! 

At the end of the day, FFG is a news blog and I make it my business to know who’s moving and shaking out there in the fashion world, and I’m bringing that all to the readers – aka you guys! 

Now, on a side note. If you don’t write a fashion blog but maybe write a kick arse travel or food blog, throw your link in the mix as well. The more the merrier, as I’m always looking for new places to discover superb pinterest or twitter shares. 

This is basically just a giant blog love-in. Won’t you take part?

Share link below or drop me an email!

{Images above from a few of my favourite style bloggers: Mademoiselle Robot, Coco’s Tea Party, Park & Cube and Peony Lim}


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