9 Easy Peasy Dresses you’ll love this summer, all from Marks & Spencer, all under £50

If you’re living in London these days I imagine you’ve probably reached breaking point just about now when it comes to what to wear. From one day to the next we’re unsure if it’s going to be cold, warm, raining or sun shining. Then there’s the whole deceiving cold morning that turns into a beautiful day and vice versa. Is there anything more frustrating when it comes to First World problems? 

To combat the indecisive weather, I’ve taken to filling my closets with beautiful summer dresses that can be thrown on and layered no matter what the weather. My constant ensembles are dresses, both maxi and mini, with cardigans and jackets piled on in the morning. As the weather decides to cooperate I shed, like a snake, layer by layer until my ensemble matches the mood of the day. 

This all, naturally, leads me to today’s topic of discussion -finding said summer dresses to layer with. 

Last week I popped into Marks & Spencer to really take a look around at what was on offer for the masses. What I was surprised to find were countless dresses, many under £40 and nearly all well under the £100 mark. Such a wide variety of shapes and patterns of course led me to where I sit today, writing about the vast selection. Seriously, it was impressive to see how much they were packing in for one season, and truly there was a dress suitable for just about every body shape. 

So here’s my praise for a high street brand that’s so much more than just a great stop for lingerie (don’t get me started at how much I love this high street brand for simple separates). The nine dresses selected above are just scratching the service. These are our edit of fabulousness for the season and I’m loving that each and every one comes in well under the £50 mark (and come in sizes that go all the way up to a 22). Basically there’s just no excuse for not rocking a stylish new frock this summer. Just don’t forget to leave the house with a sweater and an umbrella as well. 


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