We interrupt your regular programming to bring you a PSA on “Dad Pants”

Dockers is taking a different approach to selling trousers to men and we have to say, it’s quite clever. Introducing a Public Service Announcement speaking out against the dreaded “Dad Pants.”

So what is the definition of “Dad Pants?” In this Dockers PSA they are defined as “the shapeless, billowing, fabric laden, pleated tragedy that too many men find themselves in every day.” Sarah Harbaugh, wife of Football coach Jim Harbaugh, tells us all she’s been there as her husband one day looked like “he’d hung the curtains from his belt.” Yikes, that’s a low blow Sarah. 

Well, thank heavens for Dockers and their help in letting dads discover their “awesomeness” again. 

Watch, listen and be part of the change that takes us all away from devastating “dad pants.” 


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