Start saving now for Giles Resort 2015

Giles, Giles, Giles Deacon… what are you doing to us? Your Resort 2015 collection has officially caused us to open a savings account in the name of investing in fashion for the future. 

It started with the love of your Flamingo Prints, which we spotted on Giles’ girlfriend Gwendoline Christie just a few days ago, and carried through to the brilliant blooms present on everything from oversized coats to evening gowns. Not only is Giles’ Resort 2015 collection brilliantly beautiful, it is intelligent and witty. These are pieces that will command attention from the masses, whether spotted on a red carpet or a city sidewalk. Wherever you choose to wear them, make sure to store them safely as they will be pieces to treasure for all eternity. Worth every penny, in our humble opinion – hence the savings account. 


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