Men dancing in six inch stilettos will be the best thing you see all day

What you will see here is quite simply amazing. If ever there was proof that men can in fact walk in heels, it is to be found here. In fact, they’re doing a lot more than walking. These three are phenomenal in the way that they move and they are definitely giving Beyonce, whose music is featured in the video,  a run for her money. 

In all honesty, I’m now questioning why I can’t move like this in heels that big. Watch, love and share.  But wait, if you are experiencing Deja Vu it could be because these three have already gained national recognition on Britain’s Got Talent. This is just their latest video we’re sharing here, straight from the studio. Beyonce, next time you’re in London you may want to pick up some new backup dancers, only be prepared to be upstaged. 


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