Instagram and the £5 Primark Dress

Oh Instagram, you do provide unrivalled entertainment. Last week I wore a rather jazzy number from Primark. This image (above), which makes me look like I’m wearing a high rise skirt, actually features a tube dress that I bought from Primark last week as I was whipping through the store on Tottenham Court Road checking things out for the season. I am always captivated by the Primark culture, always have been and always will be. Look up “fast fashion” and there should be a picture of Primark as big as the page will allow. Forget H&M or Forever21, it’s Primark that’s changing this landscape and it’s growing at an alarming rate. But that’s all for another time. Right now, I just wanted to step into the land of a sharing online and the interesting comments you get when you do.

I like to think that the majority of my readers are lovely, respectful individuals. You have definitely shared that side of yourselves over the years. However, out there in cyberspace, particularly on social media, Bob’s your uncle. Basically, anything goes. The trolls come out, the opinionated, the people who feel their take on an outfit or a purchase is more important than anyone else’s – they’re all here to play. 

When Primark shared my picture of the outfit above on their Instagram page, it was pure entertainment to watch the comments come out. For the record, they have over 350,000 followers on instagram and not even one percent commented. However, for the small percentage that did, it was pure comedy. The majority were overwhelmingly positive. They couldn’t be believe that it was a dress or that it was only £5. I actually ended up getting a lot of emails from folks asking about which store I purchased the dress from. But that aside, some of the more hilarious comments involved the following:

1. Asking if I was wearing a lampshade.

2. Saying this wasn’t a serious picture because of the “look on the model’s face.” {Note: Thanks for calling me a model… totally flattered you would even think that.}

3. Another model shout out and saying that I didn’t really suit it.

4. Someone saying I looked like I had a shower curtain wrapped around my bum. 

Truly you can’t make this stuff up, people. It’s pure comedy. As I read them to Mr. FFG we were in absolute stitches. 

But, for every mean comment, there were ten positive. People were tagging others and saying they wanted to score the look, some were just saying they loved it, and over 11,000 people actually did “like it” by double tapping and showing the love. 

It’s no coincidence that this whole thing was actually a topic of discussion at a dinner party last night and the way in which online can absolutely crucify you these days. People will tear you apart, limb for limb, from behind their computers and they seem to just be doing it for fun. Interesting concept, that.

The best way to handle it – laughter! Truly, I like to think of these people as members of the fashion tribe that are here to keep us smiling, while at the same time pushing us to work harder. Without the negative, how would we be able to appreciate the positive?

Laughter, people. Laugh all the way to the style bank. Don’t let a single solitary comment on social bring you down. And if all else fails, remember it’s never as bad as what Kim Kardashian is getting! Honestly, have you seen this woman’s instagram comments? There’s enough material there to keep her laughing from here to Kingdom come and back again. 


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