Cara Delevingne’s bunny rabbit has more instagram followers than you, me and most celebrities

There’s a new head bunny in fashion and it belongs to one Cara Delevingne. Didn’t know bunny rabbits were ruling the fashion world in London? Oh yes, long ago bunnies replaced puppies as the coolest pet to have if you worked in fashion. We’ve been watching them pop up on instagram for years as they roamed their fashionable homes. Now, the bunnies have taken to instagram – well, one bunny at least. 

The latest member of model Cara Delevingne’s family is a little bunny rabbit called Cecil. Cecil is your not your average bunny. First of all, this Delevingne family member looks to be the softest creature in existence. 

Let’s start from the beginning. Cecil has all the love and affection in the world from one super glam mommy – Cara Delevingne.

Cecil also has some pretty swanky friends. The little bun’s been pictured with Rita Ora and another famous bunny belonging to one Katie Grand.

It also appears as if Cecil has a bit of a designer purchasing problem, from Mulberry to Chanel.

In short, Cecil’s life is the most fabulous in existence. That might explain why Cecil is now creeping up on near 100,000 followers on instagram. And you thought you had a good following, eh?

{Cecil Delevingne Instagram}


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