Anna Wintour: The Solo Shopper

Truly, I do follow the best little fashion detectives on instagram. Just moments ago, the beautiful @Sinead_Styles (follow her immediately) shared a moment most people in this world will never have – sharing an empty room with Anna Wintour. No, this wasn’t a meeting of sorts. A meeting of great fashion industry leaders, perhaps, but not an official meet and greet.

According to Sinead, Anna Wintour walked into London’s Fortnum and Mason this morning on her own. That’s right, no entourage, no bodyguards. Public figures take note: If Anna Wintour can do it so can you. And what was so important she’d make the trip on her own? It was all about Chanel, darling, naturally. Apparently Wintour had come in to buy her Chanel perfume. 

Of course it should come as no surprise to anyone seeing Anna Wintour out and about in London town. This is her home turf, after all. But there’s something about spotting that perfectly cut bob around town that gives us a thrill. Yes, we’re official Anna Wintour stalkers of sorts. Can you blame us?


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