#AngelTribes: Love for my Ladies of London

I’ve been pretty lucky in my life when it comes to amazing female role models. I’ve spoken before about the amazing role my mother has played, and continues to play, in my life on a daily basis. Sadly, the hardest thing about living in a different country is being away from that source of inspiration on a daily basis. Thank heavens for Skype and long distance calling.

Since moving to London, however, I’ve been lucky enough to fall in with a group of woman that not only inspires me on a daily basis but also fills my entire spirit with absolute joy any time I am around them.

When Thierry Mugler’s Angel Fragrance asked me to collaborate and take some time out to celebrate my girlfriends in London, I truly thought it was long overdue, on my part, and an activity that I could not be more thrilled to participate in.  There was a lot of talk of Tribes and being a Tribe Chieftess in relation to the theme of the shoot – #Angeltribes– but truly I feel as if each and every woman in my group of friends is a leader in their own right. Each is a “Chieftess” in their role as individuals and their role in their friendships.

My “Tribe” is made up of a large group of very diverse women in London, yet three stand out from pack as daily influencers in my life. These are the women that not only help me through the bad times, they challenge me to work harder through the good times.

First up, we have the beautiful and talented Emma Day, one of the world’s leading makeup artists. Oh if I could spill I would, but this lady is as tight lipped as they come about her VIP clientele. Let’s just say she’s perfected the faces of many over time and continues to grow her business at an alarming fast pace. Emma has been a dear friend for years and has shown me time and again what it really means to be part of a tribe. Oh, she also writes an amazing beauty blog. Check it out, people. 

Next up we have Miss Alexia Inge, who is the co-founder of Cult Beauty. The name says it all. This site is just about as impressive as it gets for a beauty retailer that has taken the world by storm. Lex is a woman that is always pushing me harder and harder without even knowing it. She inspires me to give FFG my all every single minute of the day. Don’t tell her, but I think it’s because I’m secretly in competition with her, trying everyday to reach her level of success. I admire her strength, style and sincere leadership abilities.

And last but not least we have the beautiful Chimere Cisse, my newest official partner in crime here on FFG. Chimere and I have worked together for years on various projects and I have grown to know her as a trusted confident who works every bit as hard as I do in growing the business. In short, she’s a miracle who I am blessed to call a friend as well as a business partner.

This is my London Tribe and we can be found roaring around London most nights of the week. But in this moment in time we’re just together enjoying each other’s company (and our first non-iphone photoshoot together… yes, we are known to pose for some insane selfies).

Thierry Mugler hasn’t just asked me to talk about the women in my Tribe, they’ve also taken some time to spread the love elsewhere and even I am impressed with stories I’ve read. Looks like the power of friends is alive and well across the globe.

Check out what the other #AngelTribes are made of on Thierry Mugler’s Facebook & Twitter


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