World Cup for Women: The world’s first beauty pop-up pub for football and femininity

World Cup fever is about to grip the world. For a lot of us females, this means losing our boyfriends and husbands to the pub, where they will undoubtedly sink several pints, scream at the TV and, well, drink a few more pints. Ok, that’s a terrible generalization. Not ALL men will be doing this, just like not all women will be sitting at home knitting while their men are away playing out football fantasies.  

We’ve just received news, however, of a most unlikely pairing when it comes to the World Cup and females. Benefit Cosmetics are actually launching a special pop-up pub targeting women for the big event. Called “Gabbi’s Head,” the pop-up pub for women will open on 12th of June and run through until the 13th of July, with special activities planned throughout. 

From Benefit match makeovers to stand up comedy, it seems the Benefit Cosmetics Pop-Up pub is doing everything but encouraging us to watch the World Cup. Ok, that’s not entirely true. There is actually a screening of the game going on in the space. But there’s also tanning, waxing, lashes and brow treatments available. Is this all just cleverly disguised to make men think we are watching the World Cup when in reality we are grooming ourselves? All very confusing and very pink.

That all being said, they do have Sky News Presenter Kirsty Gallacher behind the whole thing so there is a bit of a sports lean there. Will you be attending?


Gabbi’s Head

Drury Lane, Covent Garden, 

12th June-13th July 


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