Introducing Tinder for Puppies

Everyone’s talking about Tinder these days. Every dinner I seem to go on, every early breakfast meeting, all seem to feature a focus on Tinder dating and serving the scoop on whether or not it can provide more than just a one night stand. Well, ladies and gentleman, there is finally a Tinder that can guarantee you a match made in heaven that will certainly last you longer than a one night stand. In fact, it may end up being your longest relationship to date. Introducing Tinder for puppies.

Yes, you read that correctly. Stray puppies across the USA are trying their luck at finding their perfect human companion by being listed on a Tinder-like setup. Called BarkBuddy, this app will truly warm your heart. For the actual Tinder dating site, we’re not sure we can say the same.

BarkBuddy works in all the same ways Tinder does. You swipe through the pups until you meet a face you can’t resist and you like it. Then you set up a meet and greet and decide if you’re meant to be. However, there is a nice twist to all of this. If you see a face that isn’t meant for you, you can share it with friends and family. So one lost pup might not be your cup of tea, but could be perfect for someone else. We’re starting to think Tinder should introduce this concept. 

If you need a smile this morning, trust me when I say this app will warm your heart to the core. Tinder has been replaced with BarkBuddy. Can you think of a man that will curl up with you on the couch any night of the week for warmth and love while you watch marathons of Real Housewives together? Case closed. 


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