The Mother’s Day Post that’s not nearly enough….

So I’ve probably written and rewritten this little ditty four times this morning. How do you write a piece to someone / for someone that is responsible for making you exactly who are you are this very moment? I’m sure men and women across the United States today are struggling with the same issue. What can you write in a card to your mother to say thank you on a day that’s designed specifically for that exercise? How do you say ” thanks for giving me life, love and words of encouragement for three decades?” I guess you just say thank you, squeeze them tight and let them know that in reality every day is mother’s day. 

Many of you are with your mothers today, brunching or lunching, and mostly spending quality time together. I’ll just say this – I’m more jealous than is humanly healthy. For nearly 12 years I’ve lived in the UK and have missed a dozen Mother’s Days. Each and every one is harder than the last and for some reason this particular year is tougher than ever. 

And for that reason, the words just aren’t coming. I can’t do my usual gushy post about how amazing my mother is because some part of me feels it will only fall short of what should actually be done to say a proper thank you – hugging her and telling her she is my everything, my true and honest best friend in life. 

I will, instead, just say a quite and humble thank you to the most amazing female figure in my life. And I will say to you, dear reader, that if you do have a chance to spend today with your mother, be grateful for every single moment. There are so many out there that aren’t able to be with their moms for one reason or another today and we’re all envious of you that are able to make the most of this very special day. 

Mom, I love you more. 


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