The Journey to Little Dix Bay

I thought I had life all sorted out. I knew about the most luxurious places to visit to eat, drink and generally relax in life. Today, that all flew out the window with the rounding of one island corner. Today, I discovered Rosewood Little Dix Bay

Now, let’s start from the very beginning as it’s important to detail this discovery from start to finish with honest impressions. Getting to Rosewood Little Dix Bay, for those of us that don’t own yachts or private jets, can be slightly tricky. I say slightly as any one of us can do it, but it is a bit of a hop, skip and a jump away from home. We took a flight into Antigua and then jumped on a little commuter plane that stopped on an island along the way. So all in, we went through three take offs and landings before the plane travelling was complete. It’s not so much a hassle, just a lot of travel. 

Upon arriving in the British Virgin Islands, we were driven from the airport to a dock where a ferry was waiting to take us to Rosewood Little Dix Bay. It took us less than two minutes to get to said ferry and two handsome gentleman were awaiting our arrival with rum cocktails in hand. We sat on the back of the boat and enjoyed the beautiful scenery around us as we left the dock behind in our wake and set out for our final destination. With the wind in our hair, a delicious drink in hand and the sun browning our faces, it’s easy to think we’d already reached a peaceful retreat. This is all said, of course, without having the slightest clue where we were headed.

It must be stated, before anything else, that this year Rosewood Little Dix Bay celebrates its 50 year anniversary. It is a retreat that sees people coming back three or four times a year, and has more repeat visits from customers than I have ever heard of in hotel history. There are dozens of people that have repeatedly visited Rosewood Little Dix Bay as many as 35 times over the years. That, to me, is the ultimate endorsement for a hotel. When you can go anywhere in the world and you choose to come to Little Dix Bay year after year after year, there must be something pretty magical about that location. And that, dear reader, is just what we were about to discover. So, back to the journey.

As we looked up into the grassy hilltops on the side of an island, I spotted a beautiful house with what looked like an enormous infinity pool, with a beautiful secluded beach down below. I whispered to another guest, “what I would do to have a house like that with that beautiful beach.” Her response was, “that’s the hotel spa.” It’s safe to say at that point I knew I was in for something special.

We rounded the corner and set before us was a scene I will not soon forget. Water so blue and clear all around us invited the boat into a secluded corner of the world. I felt as if I was entering Jurassic Park. In fact, in full disclosure, I was humming the theme tune in my head as we made our way to the arrival dock. 

The most pristine beach lay ahead, dotted with sun loungers and umbrellas that seemed to match the natural decor of the forest around it. Only a handful of people were present and it was hard to point them out in the massive area. This was as close to a private beach as I’ve ever seen on a resort. You truly must feel as if you are all alone in the great blue sea. As your eyes travelled past the beach, you could barely make out the cottages that are dotted along the beach front. The only truly visible properties are the Pavilion and the large houses built up into the hills. It’s a natural paradise with minimal visible man made disruptions along the landscape. 

On the boat we had been given all the details for our rooms, our luggage had been tagged and our only task upon arriving on the dock was to make our way to the Beach Grill for lunch. Our bags would be deposited in our rooms as we ate. Over lobster quesadillas, a chilled glass of Rose and a delicious Mahi-Mahi sandwich, we all sat and took in the beauty around us from the unique sounds of chirping birds to lapping waves on the shore in front of us. Why on earth did Richard Branson buy Necker Island when this place existed? 

With a full tummy and a bit of a spring in my step from the glass of Rose, I made my way to the tree house suite located just moments away from the dock. From the get go, I clocked the hammock swinging below the house and mentally made time for a swing later in the afternoon. As I wound up the staircase to the main room, I noticed quite a spectacular view from the patio. I was only a stone’s throw from the ocean. Oh, if only you were all here to join me for a glass of champagne tonight on a sun lounger watching the sun set. My hope is that one day you will all get to do just that as this is truly the experience of a lifetime. 

Walking inside the tree house, I found a wonderful octagonal layout with a main sitting room and delightfully modern setup for the bedroom. The bedroom is a very clever layout indeed with the bed taking the main focus of the space and the headboard acting as a divider in the room. Behind the bed I discovered not only massive closet space but also a beautiful vanity. 

Then we move to the bathroom. Beautiful marble, spacious areas and fabulous scented amenities made this the perfect combination to support tropical paradise. However, the real gem was hidden and I didn’t discover it until taking a shower later in the evening. The shower space seems like your normal shower space, until you open the door. You then discover there is yet another door and this leads you outside to a space where you are able to cool down and be “one with nature.” Yes, this is a brilliant indoor-outdoor shower and I’m thinking of marching home and building one immediately in London. Oh, if only.

There’s so much more to say about Rosewood Little Dix Bay and truly I’m just scratching the surface here. Tomorrow we head out to discover everything from the spa to the sunset cruise. Stay tuned… 


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