So in love with designer goods you would tattoo them on your body?

So imagine you really love your Prada shoes? That’s not too hard to imagine for most of us if we’re being honest. But would you love them so much that you’d have them tattooed on your body? This is the question Americans are asking themselves today after Ellen Degeneres shared some rather alarming fashion tattoo trends of her show this afternoon.

The tattoo reveals started with a misspelling of a sacred saying. Not so sacred when it ain’t spelled right, guys. Then the segment took a rather unsettling twist as a Rolex wrist was revealed. No, not a real Rolex. This genius thought it would be a good idea to shave his arm and have a Rolex tattooed where a real Rolex would sit. Ellen points out to the audience that the clock is set at 4:20pm – obviously a show of where his mind was when he decided to walk down the Rolex wristwatch tattoo path.

Just when you think things can’t get any worse we see that a young man, or at least we think he’s young – young and ridiculous- has tattooed Prada shoes on his feet. Knowing how expensive tattoos are these days, surely it would have just been cheaper to go and buy the actual shoes? Oh, but you know those Prada devotees.

Now, who’s placing bets on when we’ll see a woman appear with the bottoms of her feet tattooed red in a tribute to Christian Louboutin. You know it’s bound to happen. 


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