Quote of the Day: Taylor Swift only wears red lipstick because…

Oh Taylor Swift, we do love you and your crazy awesome red lipstick. However, we do believe you are being a tad humble here in telling People your face looks worse without it. Trust us, you can ditch the red lipstick and still be a total goddess. 

That all being said, Taylor Swift has tripped onto a topic that has been getting a lot of airtime in the office lately. Is red lipstick the answer from bare to “hello, there”? One would certainly think so in the way it truly does transform every look. In fact, we’ve spoken to plenty of Hollywood’s leading ladies who have confessed it’s their secret to looking refreshed and polished when stepping out after a big night out. 

So Taylor, we get what you’re saying, but because you say it in such a fabulously anti-self-promotion sort of way, we’re making it our quote of the day. 

{Image: Taylor Swift Instagram}


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