My summer skincare loves

For those of you following FFG regularly, you’ll know that I was in the Caribbean last week on a press trip. Let me just say that if you’re headed that way, the sun there is a force of nature you’ve never encountered before. 

Last year I was out in the same part of the world shooting behind-the-scenes for a swimwear company and had the unfortunate experience of believing tan oil would be preferable to sunscreen. Let’s just say I learned my lesson after looking like a lobster within four hours of encountering the sun in tropical paradise. Not smart, folks – not smart at all.

This time around I came armed and ready and even thought a bit in advance about what I’d do to combat the natural elements, while also trying to get as brown as possible. 

A friend of mine recommended Estee Lauder’s sunscreen for my face as I have skin that gets dry as the sahara desert when I tan. So I was sold into a rather awesome duo that involved pre and post sun bronzer as well as a sunscreen while tanning. Both are from the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess collection, which I’ve spoken about before, but only when it comes to makeup. I was completely ignorant to the fact that they sold a range devoted to sun care. 

So first up was the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Self-Tan. I was using this for about four days before heading to the islands. I have this thing about stepping out onto the sand while being the same colour as the sand itself. I can’t do it. Hard part here is that I live in London so the sun exposure is minimal and I do, in fact, look like a snowflake come April. So I lathered up the self tan to get myself to a nice shade of nutmeg. Ok, it wasn’t that brown, but it was enough of a base that I felt comfortable with skin exposure. Thanks to the Bronze Goddess, my face looked healthy and tanned, like this was my second or third vacation to the islands, rather than my first of the year. And, the same product has helped me sustain the tan after coming back to the city life. 

Now that the pre-game and post-game was sorted, I needed something a little more substantial to help me through that deadly sun exposure I was talking about. So, in comes the BEST SUNSCREEN FOR YOUR FACE EVER. Yes, that’s in caps and underlined for a reason.

I explained that my face is dry during suntanning, but I should also explain that it goes beet red. I know it’s because I’m hot, but I swear no one else on the beach ever goes the shade I go when I’ve been laying in the sun all of fifteen minutes. It ain’t pretty, I’ll tell you that much. Magically, however, this Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Sunscreen SPF 30 for the face was like a beach angel in a bottle. First up, it moisturized like a lotion on a mission. I threw it on and it felt better for my skin than my £300 bottle of anti-aging cream that I swear by nightly. The smell of the lotion was insanely delicious and somehow it kept me cool against the elements. Not quite sure if it’s designed to do that last bit, but I felt cool as cucumber. 

Ladies, for summer, these two gorgeous products have FFG’s full seal of approval. If you’re headed out into the sun, or just working everyday in a hot and bright environment, may we encourage you to make these a part of your daily regime? 

And just as a side note, whatever lotion you’re using in your daily summer regime, please make sure it has SPF in it. We’ve all learned the hard way that skin cancer is alive and real and it’s easily preventable these days with the right tools in your beauty box. Just saying.


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