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Let’s be honest, here. For about 99.9% percent of the world, working out is not fun. It’s actually more a pain in the ass, literally, than anything else. But, keeping fit is an essential part of a healthy life. No, I’m not here to write and say I get a natural high from running and that speeding through a 10k brings me so much joy in life. I have always been envious of those people. Trust me when I say that every time I get on the treadmill, in the morning before work, I feel as if I’m being made to eat dirt. I would pretty much rather be anywhere else than there. So the question is, how does one stay motivated?

Motivation while working out has been a hot topic of discussion in my circle of friends lately. To keep at the game of staying fit some people listen to music that reminds them of holidaying in bikinis, others visualise finishing a marathon and a select few (no names need be mentioned) keep pictures of supermodels taped to their treadmills. Even after knowing all of this about my friends, I believe I might have the most unique motivation of them all.

So here it is, in black and white, for the whole world to read and judge. I, Emily, watch The Biggest Loser (the American version) while I run. I run on a treadmill with a screen attached and projected in front of me I watch as men and women, who are severely overweight, step up to face their demons and conquer the obesity epidemic. Whenever I start to feel tired or too sore to continue, I see what the trainers are doing to these individuals and I think to myself, “what kind of wuss am I if I can’t do for 45 minutes what a 425 lb man is doing for six hours every day?” 

When I mentioned this little workout tidbit to friends, they seemed most intrigued by my peculiar motivator. The motivations, naturally, do not start and stop with The Biggest Loser, but there is something entirely powerful about a programme in which you watch individuals completely transform their habits, emotions and appearances all in one go. 

So curious minds would like to know… how do you stay motivated when it comes to working out?


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