Jelly Diamond rings for £60? This is not a daydream…It’s Duepunti!

I’ve never owned a diamond ring before. Let’s just say no one’s taken a knee or felt the urge to hand over a lovely solitaire quite yet. So I’ve taken matters into my own hands and adopted not one, but three diamond rings. True, these Duepunti diamonds aren’t massive rocks. They’re my jelly ring versions of a celebration of singledom. They are currently filling my bright and beautiful days in Barbados with colorful charm and I’m absolutely in love. Oh, and they are a mere £60 a piece…. for real diamonds. I’m thinking these may be the perfect presents for my darling nieces. How cool would Auntie Em be in gifting them their very first diamond rings? Too cool for school, I tell ya. {Duepunti Diamond rings}


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