Insta-recap: From St. Barths to Antigua

We swear this is the last post about the Caribbean, for now anyway. So many of you were wonderful in keeping up with FFG on Instagram throughout our travels over the past 10 days. So we thought we’d give you a little recap of our journey through Instagram in one large block. From eating to beaching, swimming to starfish gazing, I hope you enjoy this look back on an amazing adventure.

For those of you wishing to read more about the places we visited, here are all the links to the stories behind these beautiful scenic spots:

Getting to St. Barths: Fear, pretzels, laughter and worth every minute and then some

Travelling through St. Barths day one: Hotel Guanahani & Spa

The St Barths Experience: Babes & Burgers

The Homes of Jumby Bay Part One

The Homes of Jumby Bay Part Two

The Journey to Little Dix Bay

What does a day look like at Rosewood Little Dix Bay?


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