First Look: Roland Mouret's Resort 2015 collection presented in London

posted on: Friday, 30 May 2014

First, I must apologise for the awkward angle of the pictures you are about to see. They, sadly, do not do Roland Mouret's collection justice. I was photographing around a table to get decent shots, hence the awkward angling of all the models in motion. If you can look past that, you'll see a fantastic resort collection for 2015 from Roland Mouret that showcases all the staple shapes he is famous for with a few surprising silhouettes thrown in for good measure. While the majority of the collection was bright and beautiful, as one would expect from resort wear, there were a few melancholy black moments on show. And you know what? We loved them. All in, there were a number of different themes showcased in a tight collection. It was an absolute pleasure to be front and centre to watch it all unfold. Congratulations, Mr. Mouret, and thanks for bringing the spotlight back to London