FFG Week in Review: Barbados!

Last week I worked seaside. I wasn’t supposed to work. I actually promised Mr. FFG that for the first time in five years I would leave the laptop at home and take a proper break. Then, the night before leaving for Barbados, I had a dream that Anna Wintour retired and awoke to find I had more or less sleepwalked my laptop into my carry-on. I had a feeling in my gut something big was going to go down the one week I decided to leave things behind. Naturally, nothing too big happened (minus Anna Wintour sharing a frame with Kim Kardashian on instagram). But I worked straight through, nonetheless. Bad me. 

While the news kept on coming on FFG, I left the Barbados shares to Instagram and Twitter and promised myself I’d write something when I got back to summarize the whole experience. So, here’s my week in review with a twist as it’s all in one place and that one place happens to be paradise on earth. 

We’ll kick off the look back with the fact that food and water seemed like a natural pairing this holiday, and I don’t mean the H2O you drink. It seemed we ate (or drank) all our meals by the sea or pool in Barbados. I call it the water diet, and no, you don’t lose any weight on it. 

Here’s a view of the luxurious villas that had their own stairs down to the laguna pool.

Me smiling for the camera early on in the holiday. Oh yeah, I’m at peace. 

View from the room…

Every morning the hotel let a guest feed the fish in the lobby pond. Yeah, we did that. It’s the little thrills on holiday.

Favourite restaurant on the trip was definitely Lonestar. It had amazing views of the ocean from the tables and also seemed to look like something straight out of a Ralph Lauren Home lookbook. 

Had to snap a pic of this beauty. The locals tell us this place belongs to Lady Bamford – aka Daylesford and Bamford clothing. Ring any bells? Dear Lady Bamford, can we come over for tea next time we’re in Barbados? 

We were reminded everywhere not to play with the monkeys while on the island. Guess that first picture above is a direct violation of such rules. Whoops.

Spending some time pond worshipping in my new Seafolly Pom-Pom Kaftan

Headed over to the opposite Coast to experience another hotel that is absolutely out of this world – The Crane. 

Ummm, you’ll never guess what was right next to our hotel. You know I had to snap a fan photo. Hello, Ralph Lauren. 

I was good for one morning and had a local juice – followed by pancakes.

Did I say pancakes? I meant an oreo and mars bar cheesecake at Fish Pot. Ha! 

And finally, here’s a picture of me and the man on our last night together on holiday. Tanned, relaxed and well fed, we didn’t ever want to leave. On a style note, Mr. FFG was wearing some beautiful white Ralph Lauren trousers that were covered by that deep blue napkin. We were like colour coordinated twins for the night and had to laugh as we both walked out of the dressing room to find that we had dressed alike in colour and pattern. You know you’re with the right one when, eh? 

FFG worked in collaboration with Mr. FFG in Barbados (otherwise known as Mr. FFG completely spoiling this little fashion goose to death… thank you, my darling). 


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