Fashion Addiction: Oscar de la Renta jewellery

Hello, my name is Emily Johnston and I am an Oscar de la Renta accessories addict. My obsession started out innocently enough. I attended an Oscar de la Renta press day in London and was seduced by the grandness of it all. Then one of the press assistants suggested I try on a pair of earrings. That was the beginning of the end. They say it only takes one purchase and you’re hooked. For me, long before the purchase, I knew I was on dangerous ground. 

The way in which Oscar de la Renta earrings scream a statement of unmatchable chic style, the smooth texture and the wow colour all create a space where leaving without a shopping bag in hand isn’t an option. 

So where do we go from here? Well, if you see a homeless lady with great accessories, that’s me. The landlord will come asking for rent and I’ll suggest a borrow-my-jewellery programme in place of a cash payment. Think he’ll go for it? 

{Image above from Oscar de la Renta press day in London 2013 -earrings still available to purchase in permanent accessories collection}


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