Emily DiDonato covers Vogue Australia June 2014

It’s hard to believe it’s winter in Australia just as we’re reaching heatwave levels here in the United Kingdom. Well, it is what it is and today we have the new issue of Vogue Australia starring back at us featuring winter whites. Summer whites here, winter whites there – go figure. While we won’t be wearing Emily DiDonato‘s feathered ensemble from the June cover, we will be taking tips on her fabulous eye makeup. 

DiDonato does have some of the brightest baby blues in the business and this winter cover for Vogue Australia is certainly playing them up as one of her most striking features. Moody kohl eyes play against the dark DiDonato hair and a stark white ensemble to make this a cover you can’t turn away from. In short, we love it. Shout out to Vogue Australia. Happy winter! {Vogue Australia


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