Don Draper -in a tux- covers Vanity Fair June 2014

Ok, ok, we know Don Draper isn’t an actual real-life person. That is, in fact, Jon Hamm covering Vanity Fair’s June issue. But, Vanity Fair does ask a very important question on their cover this month that brings this whole identity crisis front and centre – Is there life after Don Draper

For years we’ve watched as Jon Hamm brought the world of New York’s ad men to life on the small screen. Audiences around the world have been absolutely captivated by this tale that continues to be told. Yet, there is an end in sight and Jon Hamm will have to pack up and move one once the series wraps up. So what will be next for this devastatingly handsome character? Well, folks, you’ll have to pick up Vanity Fair June 2014 to get all the answers. For now, let’s just enjoy a tuxedoed Hamm of a good man. {Vanity Fair}


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