Charlotte Olympia’s latest clutch has you locked in, literally.

Here’s one accessory we’re dying to see out and about, street-styled to the max. Charlotte Olympia has released a clutch like no other… a golden handcuff clutch. Yes, what you are looking at above is in fact a fashion accessory.

Let’s back up a minute and address what we’re all thinking. Remember the guys in movies that used to carry briefcases with handcuffs attached? They would contain hundreds of thousands of dollars or some sort of top secret item or classified document. If a lady were to carry this accessory and take to the streets, would she be mistaken for a woman on a mission? “Tom Cruise step aside, I’m a fashion editor with a purpose!” 

In all honesty, this is just another clever way that Charlotte Olympia is thinking outside the box… by locking you into one. Oh yeah, we’re here all night with the jokes on this one. 

The Charlotte Olympia handcuff clutch may not be big enough to carry $100,000 cash, but it will easily store a Tom Ford lipstick and a platinum credit card. What else do you need to carry?  


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